Thursday, October 12, 2006

old shows!

Here a few videos of my shows when i was young i was watching

its good to remember them! :D Monster.. hum Mike used to put that song on the Mac computer... lol Mia mio Paddington Brown ZELDA! Bande a Ovide lucky luke once upon life.. that show scared me soemtime Tao Tao Clementine Minifee Tchao!! the dog LEs aventurier de lespace le petit castor David the Gnome Gabi le ptit malin Lady Oscar G I JOE!! XD (english) Captain planet ENGLISH Alice XD

That should do it for a while! X3

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well my time in Halifax for my new job is almost at the end...
and I can't find a job in N.B i dunnot want to work in a store for 6$ a day and it kidna make me mad at myself.. I really hope i can get a job soon.. coz i dont wanna stay at mom forever.. -__-;