Sunday, September 10, 2006

6 days left!

I got my ticket plane booked, my stuff is pack, my car is about to be sold and im going to be in Edmonton soon!
I really can't wait, but its going sooo fast.. i hope i get a job there, i dont care if its in my carreer right now, i just need money first and theenn! ill work in animation oorrr.. as an Illustrator.

I might have a roomate staying with me, hopefully he come from my same town and d'like to work there.
I need a sewing machine.. so i can sew more costume, im thinking of opening a boutique online of cosplay. ^_^ ill just make the costume but no accessory hehe, take too much time.
lately ive been sleeping alot, hanging with family, im gonna miss them so much..
i also get massage because of all the stress, i was almost unable to draw and write with my hand or opening cans, it was really hurting alot T_T
i was trying to draw and it felt like drawing with my left, aint funny.
oh well.. I have to buy a new scanner and a new wacom.. mine just broke down and i
I'm glad im gonna leave on the 17.. the 6 was too... quick! XD
now im gonna stay a week at my bro and then I'll need to get my own place. and hopefully ill get a job quiiicckkk!!!
wish my luck!! ^ ^;;
oh and im leaving by plane! XD yay


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