Monday, September 11, 2006

Not moving at the end....

If you want to know the reason why just go on my D.A and read my journal it talk all about it, you can post ur comment here after, its kinda sad i can't go.. but maybe something awaits for me here... i dunno heh. :(
I was really hyper to go, now im upset.. but heh

Sunday, September 10, 2006

6 days left!

I got my ticket plane booked, my stuff is pack, my car is about to be sold and im going to be in Edmonton soon!
I really can't wait, but its going sooo fast.. i hope i get a job there, i dont care if its in my carreer right now, i just need money first and theenn! ill work in animation oorrr.. as an Illustrator.

I might have a roomate staying with me, hopefully he come from my same town and d'like to work there.
I need a sewing machine.. so i can sew more costume, im thinking of opening a boutique online of cosplay. ^_^ ill just make the costume but no accessory hehe, take too much time.
lately ive been sleeping alot, hanging with family, im gonna miss them so much..
i also get massage because of all the stress, i was almost unable to draw and write with my hand or opening cans, it was really hurting alot T_T
i was trying to draw and it felt like drawing with my left, aint funny.
oh well.. I have to buy a new scanner and a new wacom.. mine just broke down and i
I'm glad im gonna leave on the 17.. the 6 was too... quick! XD
now im gonna stay a week at my bro and then I'll need to get my own place. and hopefully ill get a job quiiicckkk!!!
wish my luck!! ^ ^;;
oh and im leaving by plane! XD yay