Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comic Strip! must read & comment lol

lol!! somehting that happen white i was pssing the vacuum in the appartment and taking care of my friends Gerbil

I was cleaning his mess that he did and scratching something on the flor with left hand, while my right hand with the tube of vacuu, was close to the open cage of the Gerbil, he snif almost got pulled it and run off his his nest! it Suprised me! but omg!!! i laughs ssoooooo much i had tears in my eyes i felt soo bad for him! lol but i made a little comic strip page just to show you haha!!
that made my day happy from laughing

with my job its really nice, im just a big scared since my boss is waiting for a loan to come.. if he doesnt get it, he have to close the door and i'll loose my job.. but i doubt that. im sure he will get it! and ill still keep my job.. coz i looovee it :D

still need to found for an appartment

if we get out loan our first convention trip would be Boston or Texas.. since Anime cubed in Ottawa is all full reserved.


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