Monday, August 28, 2006

Alberta here I come ^_^

Well I'm moving to Alberta on the 6 of September. I know its quick but i made my decision.
more job more oportninuity for me
gonna make a better website, better portfolio nice and strong all on the page.
and also hopefully i'll make new friends and have a good Life..

im gonna miss the maritimes.. but i gotta look somewhere else :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lost Job T_T

Well since last Thursday i lost me job.*snif* well my boss couldnt have the money and if we worked another week, he would realy be bankrupt... its sad for him coz he was realizing his dreamjob.. i would of reach my goal too. coz i always wanted to be a producer. my boss was giving me the skills and teaching me how to take advice, make advise and all the stuff for it. but maybe another time in future.

for now, I'm searching for a job. I applied to Huminah and he said that he will be hiring in a couple of weeks. tha would be great@ I'll try to make best impression of my work.

I was soooo tempted to move to Alberta, but then what if there's no job in my career right now heh? i shouldn wait until i make more experience. maybe I will after that.
Well if ever i move down to Halifax I would really like that. I looovee Halifax. mostly in Falls... omg its lovely.hope my Car will like it too... lol XD

Anywho its gonna be a full week i didnt work. last tuesday i couldnt go to work, i had really bad stomac ache enought to cry and go to the hospital. they put me on I.V and give me stuff, they think it could a bactery.. or spasm.. not sure but i should see a specialist for it.
cracy... after an ultra sound.. X-ray, light in stomac, all the test they still can't figure what it is. maybe its my nerve or something.

Oh well this time im drawing and making sketches. ^_^

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comic Strip! must read & comment lol

lol!! somehting that happen white i was pssing the vacuum in the appartment and taking care of my friends Gerbil

I was cleaning his mess that he did and scratching something on the flor with left hand, while my right hand with the tube of vacuu, was close to the open cage of the Gerbil, he snif almost got pulled it and run off his his nest! it Suprised me! but omg!!! i laughs ssoooooo much i had tears in my eyes i felt soo bad for him! lol but i made a little comic strip page just to show you haha!!
that made my day happy from laughing

with my job its really nice, im just a big scared since my boss is waiting for a loan to come.. if he doesnt get it, he have to close the door and i'll loose my job.. but i doubt that. im sure he will get it! and ill still keep my job.. coz i looovee it :D

still need to found for an appartment

if we get out loan our first convention trip would be Boston or Texas.. since Anime cubed in Ottawa is all full reserved.