Monday, July 24, 2006

my weekend road trip

Well Geez i had fun on Saturday.
it was the wedding of my friend Julian i didnt see for 5 years and he was quite happy to see me and me too! its good to see friend who get married! :D we stayed there until 11pm
i went to bed and the enxt morning i wokr up at 6am went on the computer and at 7am i left for Fredericton, just because i felt like too. i brought a friend from work and my 2 roomates which is my best fried and her bf.

we stoped by at Regent mall and shop around, we went at chapter and gamezilla and we stayed in the shop for 1 hour! lol! we also played DDr at the mall, and i was on standard mode! lol! it was fuunnn!!! then we went to the chinese store and i bought lots of noodle but i think ill go soon again.. since i won't have much left T.T
but at Gamezilla i bought a naruto Headband (insert picture here! lol ) i wanted to show a picture but it doesnt seem to work.. oh well!

And i drove back 3 hours to come to bathurst ^_^;

i did some cute drawing.. wish i can scna by my scanner is broke now.. have to buy a new one.

i wanna go to Freddie again.. I love there.. its so nice!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


A drawing i did, took me 3 days to do it, love it.. yes its anime :P

Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

some stuff

Hey guyz!!

finally fixed my Car, cost me 209$ lol! it was a spring that was broke and stuff, i drove it to canadian tire and they got it fix less than 1 hour, yay! so ill be going on a trip this weekend to Fredericton! woot!.. i wanna buy stuff.. but i wont be long.. i need to go to moncton after that, i timed myself lol! heehee, anywho!

This Week i work 4 days from 8am to 6pm, yeah a long 10 hours day. but its not bad.. right now im doing character Design, , its not cartoon, it's an anime-american style. so while that i still practice my doodle i really should scan it.. i got lots! lol
but after im starting the comic book, in September im gonna do a flash of 20 second of the logo and its awsome! :)

I'm also thinking about moving to Edmunton.. my brother keep telling me to move down there.. coz there so much job.. im still thinking about it.. its hard i dont want to move there and i get no job in my career because i dont have the skills for it. so im quiet paranoid about it.

Anyone wanna share their comment, are welcome!

also today since it was hot, i went to get some thai food *gasp* what no sushi??? omg mel!! lol
yeah well there no sushi here T__T snif snif.. sad!

hehe oh well.

Also I went to fish makerel.. whatever you spell that fish.. and there was a huuugggee tghunderstorm and we were still in the sea.. creeppy!!! i didnt wanted to die! T___T;;;;; but in same time.. it was like WOW! the waves! and boat get all splashy and stuff sweet

so much thunderstorm.. like all weekend it was always thundering..
im also going camping at Kouchi"bug"wack.. i wanna make sketches of my familly and shells and bird and stuff.. maybe more scan to put in here too :D

Friday, July 14, 2006


The weekend is starting bad for me. well kinda but im keeping my hopes up.. tis hard

i had my first pay check today i made 300$ for 32 hours ^.^;;;; yay..

and i was about to leave home until i started my car and i couldnt do anything with my car.. everything got loose.. Well it seems the belt just broke and my battery is low and stuff this is really pissing me off -__-;

now i had to call my mom to pick me up for the weekend, but im glad it didnt happen on the highway or something coz i wouldnt of paniicc, i already panic earlier and I just felt sick.

some of you might think its no big deal but i never had a car before so i dont know how to deal with it, so first pay check and i'll already have to spend it all on my car -__- *grumbles* i really feel bad and moody, i feel like doing nothing but then oh well.. thank god i dont work monday.. ill wait for my car to get repair until then.. hopefully ill feel better

i just feel crappy right now..
i got lock outside of the appartment coz my roomates got both of the keys
BLAH! i hate cars.. but i still loves them! T_T

but to look on the bright side..
the landlord call a friend of his and check my car and said he will make the appointment for my car and even drive it there.. hopefully he won't blow my car or something. ^_^;; *cross finguer* ok.. im going now.. hopefully ill get good news *sigh*...

must smiles.... T_T

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12

Hey guyz!

since it's been officialy 1 weeks and 1 days that ive been working, i really like my job!
its awsome! i also recieved a nice letter from my boss.. he wrote t in french but here's the translation!

Hi Mel,

its been a week that you are with us and i can say until now im really impress with ur work, your attention to small details is really great. and also you been really fast in your work is extraodinairy (urgg translating hurt me brain!! )

I am really happy to see you in good mood every morning, and your good motivation.
you are really a good worker and its been an honnor to give you the first job of your dream in your career.
I promiss you Mel to work with you, to make all you dreams come true, (including your comic book story= he liked it! yay!! ) you are someone with lots of talent

Welcome to Basto! this compagny wouldnt be complete witout you're precense.. (LOL) I'm sooo bad translating stuff!~
but omg!~ It really make me smile and felt Welcome into their compagny ^_^

right now im doing Graphics work, but by this friday i shall be doing comics and ill show my new drawings and stuff.

I really miss everyone from college, i have a few in my msn list but I dont know where are the others..

please E-mail me or add me to your list! im bored and its lonelllyy!! im attach to you guyz.. *snif*

im still the same crazy girl who eat sushi and love it! lol

lol! ill post the drawing of me as Quieen of sushi!

some of you can figure it! lol

we also had a MAJOR thunderstorm! that was HUUGGEEE!!!!!
but niiiceeee and i could take picture with my cam! *woot*
ill develope them and show it ^__^

oh well

this is all for now..
long for my first blog